Born and raised in Greece, Natalia has been inspired by nature, her travels throughout the world, and the arts of the ancient civilizations while always remaining close to her Greek roots. She has made a series of simple and elegant jewels which have been hand-crafted in Greece in limited editions.

She studied  Fine Arts and Design at Vakalo / Derby School Of Arts in Athens and Goldsmiths at Central Saint Martins in London.

Her teacher Hannah Martin who has a prestigious background in jewelry design and has collaborated with Cartier in Paris, influenced her a lot in the beginning of her career.

From 2007 she started developing and exhibiting her work in many group exhibitions, galleries and shops around the world.


The Art of jewelry is a rich world of miniature beauty; an internal look made external. It is an art that exhibits the artist’s inner self to the world outside. Natalia therefore tries to be as pure as she can in order to exhibit beautiful artworks that will last the test of time.

Through her work, she aims to leave positive messages, reminding us of lost cultures and values and reminding the viewer that the true beauty is the one that comes from within.

She practices daily an ancient Chinese cultivation method for the mind and body called Falun Dafa, an endless source of inspiration and the reason for her inner peace and tranquility.


She gets a lot of inspiration from nature and her microcosm, especially from flowers and their beautiful colors and shapes.

Traveling around the word being an integral part of her creations through meeting interesting people and sharing values and culture.

Keen on visiting museums all over the world and searching for classical forms and patterns of ancient civilizations in order to enrich her techniques and designs.

Believing that in order to create a piece of art, combining technique, inspiration and a peaceful mind gives the end result.

She has been able to find these traits both in ancient Greece and ancient China, where people emphasized virtue and a peaceful self as a basic concept of human existence.